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Am I at Risk for a Judgment Lien?

Am I at Risk for a Judgment Lien in New Jersey?

A creditor who wins a collection lawsuit can obtain a judgment lien on any real property the debtor owns or will own in the future. The judgment lien enables the creditor to seize that property in satisfaction of the judgment. A New Jersey judgment lien is in effect for 20 years and can be renewed for another 20 years.

If you own real estate in New Jersey and you are being sued by a creditor or being threatened with a collection lawsuit, any property you own could be seized. Before it reaches that point, you should speak with an experienced debt relief lawyer.

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It is important to remember that a judgment lien in New Jersey applies to any real estate the debtor owns or will own in the future, including property acquired through inheritance.

Avoiding A Judgment Lien in New Jersey

One of the best ways of avoiding a judgment lien is to file bankruptcy before the judgment is handed down. This places an automatic stay on any collection actions. When the property in question is the debtor’s residence, the homestead exemption can protect a portion of that equity. However, if the amount of the judgment exceeds the homestead exemption, you could still have a lien placed on your property. While this can complicate the situation, there may be measures we can take that can protect your property.

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