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How Do I Stop Repossession of My Assets?

How Do I Stop Repossession Of My Assets?

It goes without saying that the prospect of asset repossession is a huge stress that comes with unmanageable debt. If you or loved ones are facing the prospect of asset repossession due to delinquent payments, it is important to realize that you have options.

By leveraging either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be afforded what is called an automatic stay under the U.S. Bankruptcy code. This temporary measure forces creditors to stop all collection efforts under penalty of law. Because the measure is only temporary, it is important to take the action that ensures your well-being following filing.

We are ready to put our experience to work for you if you are faced with possible asset repossession.

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With more than 35 years of bankruptcy experience, our team is ready to work directly with you to understand your unique financial circumstances. From there we will help you take action to protect assets through Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is important to realize that Chapter 13 is called a “reorganization” bankruptcy as it allows for payment of “priority” and “secured” creditors over a period at which time debts are discharged.

We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible so that we can use our experience to help you arrive at a place of renewed financial freedom.

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