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Wills and Estate Planning

Why Everyone Needs An Estate Plan in New Jersey

An estate plan does more than determine who should get your property when you die. It can also help you plan for contingencies. Would you want your children to receive their entire inheritance at age 18 if you die while they are young? Are there items you want to go to specific people?

An estate plan can make your wishes clear. It can also save your family the financial and emotional costs of a court proceeding if your family members don’t agree what you would have wanted.

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Why You Need A Will

A last will and testament do three basic things:

  • Names a personal representative to handle the administration of your estate
  • Determines who should receive your property and when they should receive it
  • Names a guardian for your minor children if both you and your spouse die

Without a will, unintended things can happen. For example, a child may receive his or her entire inheritance before he or she has the maturity to handle the money wisely. The court may appoint a personal administrator you would not have trusted for such an important responsibility.

A last will and testament are the foundation of your estate plan, but you also need documents such as a power of attorney and living will to plan for contingencies.

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