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Protect Yourself From Foreclosure Scams

Don’t Be A Victim of A Foreclosure Scam

When it comes to foreclosure scams, the United States Department of Justice is quite clear:

Bankruptcy foreclosure fraud is a growing problem that threatens the integrity of the bankruptcy system as it takes advantage of families in distress. Reports from United States Trustee Program personnel around the country make clear that bankruptcy foreclosure scams are geographically widespread, as well as varied in their methodology.

These scams often entail a particular person who will tell you that he or she can negotiate a particular deal to save your house or get you a loan modification if you pay an upfront fee. There are many variations on the practice, but this is the overarching trend. In other scenarios, the person will tell that he or she can make the payments and then disappear. In worst-case scenarios, the scammer will tell you to surrender a home title or will claim to find a buyer if you surrender the deed.

It is important to be extremely careful of these scams. Only the federally guaranteed process of bankruptcy is available to help you relieve yourself of debt wholly and directly.

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