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Stopping Home Foreclosure

Attorney for Stopping Home Foreclosures in New Jersey

Foreclosure is a word no homeowner ever wants to hear. Unfortunately, many homeowners in New Jersey face this situation. While you may not be able to keep up with your mortgage payments and interest, that does not mean you have to be the victim of foreclosure. At the Toms River and Neptune City offices of Oliver & Legg, we help people throughout New Jersey stop foreclosures and keep their homes through bankruptcy and workouts.

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In most cases, it takes at least a year for the bank to foreclose on a property. During that time, there are multiple things you can do to take action and save your home. Many times, circumstances change and people find ways to make payments they could not have made at the initial notice. Things could also change, allowing you to pay the amount owed in arrears.

At the offices of Oliver & Legg, we will answer your foreclosure questions and help you understand your options so you can keep your home while doing what is best for your family or business. We provide our clients a number of different options, including bankruptcy, workouts and loan modifications.

Options Besides Bankruptcy to Prevent Foreclosure

Bankruptcy is not your only option when it comes to preventing foreclosure. Many clients are able to avoid bankruptcy and still stop foreclosure through workouts and loan modifications. Many New Jersey banks servicing mortgages are allowing loan modification on adjustable rate mortgages, in an effort to slow down the number of foreclosures. We will take a look at your situation in order to help you understand your full range of options.

Stopping Foreclosure Through Bankruptcy

For many clients, foreclosure is just one pressing financial concern. By filing for bankruptcy, you can put a stop to foreclosure and receive additional debt relief. We help our clients stop foreclosure by filing bankruptcy.

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