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Can One Spouse File For Bankruptcy?

Can One Spouse File For Bankruptcy?

When a married couple files for bankruptcy jointly, the result is a much more affordable bankruptcy than if they file separately. Therefore, even if a couple is approaching divorce and the marital financial picture includes unmanageable debt, a joint bankruptcy is often a goal worth pursuing even if it is challenging for the spouses to collaborate. A bankruptcy before divorce can make division of debt in divorce far simpler and less risky.

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Sometimes there are compelling reasons for one spouse to file bankruptcy on his or her own, whether or not there is a pending divorce. It may be advisable or even necessary for just one spouse to file in special situations such as:

  • When an inheritance makes one spouse ineligible for bankruptcy, which the other spouse does qualify for.
  • When one spouse has business partners and a bankruptcy would complicate business finances.
  • When one spouse does not want to cooperate.

In a nutshell, as for whether one spouse can — or should — file for bankruptcy alone: sometimes.

Benefits of filing bankruptcy can be significant for individuals and couples struggling with unmanageable debt. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″] has a great deal of experience advising married clients through the nuances of determining whether one or both should file bankruptcy — and when is the best time it file. In some cases, a spouse is more likely to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy through the means test when filing alone. The ultimate outcome can still benefit both.

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Serving Monmouth County, our lawyers can evaluate your unique circumstances and advise you on whether you can — and whether you should — file bankruptcy on your own, without your spouse. Evening and Saturday appointments are available as needed. Call [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-8″] local or complete and submit a contact form.

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