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Protecting You From Creditors

Filing Bankruptcy Protects You From Aggressive Creditors

Debtors approaching bankruptcy may worry that some creditors will challenge their right to include certain debts as dischargeable. With a highly experienced lawyer on your side, this is very unlikely to happen because your attorney will help ensure that you file accurately. Some creditors, however, may challenge their assigned priorities in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy debt reorganization and repayment plan.

If there is any reason to believe that your bankruptcy will include any adversary proceedings targeting your list of debts and creditors, consult with a well-established law firm. Perhaps you already have a bankruptcy underway and have been surprised by a challenge from a creditor. We welcome referrals from other bankruptcy attorneys in cases like these. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″] in Monmouth County can advise you and represent you, if necessary, in any adversary proceedings, whether we helped you file bankruptcy or not.

We May Represent You in A Lawsuit Against A Creditor As Part of Your Bankruptcy or Through The Bankruptcy Court

Another type of adversary proceeding that may apply in your New Jersey bankruptcy is a lawsuit with you as the plaintiff and a creditor as the respondent. You may wish to bring a lawsuit against a creditor who has targeted you, engaging in illegal collection activity. Filing a Fair Debt Collections Act lawsuit through a bankruptcy court can be more expedient and effective than doing so through state courts.

On the other hand, you may bring a claim for the purpose of accomplishing lien stripping or removal of second mortgages. (Contact our law firm for a personalized explanation of how such a case might occur in your bankruptcy, including real estate assets.)

Consumer fraud claims: Our attorneys have represented clients in lawsuits against illegally operating debt adjusters and mortgage loan modification agencies that were not properly licensed by the state of New Jersey.

Might You Face Adversary Proceedings in Your New Jersey Bankruptcy? Request A Free Attorney Consultation.

If your bankruptcy hits snags caused by creditors’ wrongdoing or legal challenges, our New Jersey bankruptcy attorney will review your case in a free initial consultation. We aim to position you for a likely favorable outcome in any adversary proceedings, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. Call us locally at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-8″] or fill out a contact form for a prompt response. We have offices in Toms River and Neptune City. Ask about evening or Saturday appointments if you cannot come to our office during typical working hours.