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Why Do I Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Why Do I Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

The internet age has put a great deal of information at the fingertips of almost anyone. Individuals sometimes believe they can teach themselves to file bankruptcy in the same way they get recipes online or learn how to change a tire through YouTube videos. Other people may be tempted to file bankruptcy without a lawyer after consulting with nonprofit agencies that provide preliminary advice and legal forms.

Neptune and Toms River Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help You Prevent Costly Mistakes

Caution, however. Legal documents often look deceptively simple to lay people. In fact, bankruptcy laws are complex. Rules matter, and they sometimes change. Making a mistake in a bankruptcy petition can result in a denial that could have been prevented with knowledgeable legal advice.

More critically, lying on a bankruptcy petition amounts to fraud. A star of Real Housewives of New Jersey was sent to prison by a federal judge based on fraud charges. She is just one of many people who have knowingly or unknowingly submitted bankruptcy filings containing wrong information. Many have paid a high price for trying to avoid hiring a lawyer or working with an inexperienced attorney who just dabbles in bankruptcy.

Even if you do not knowingly commit fraud, your bankruptcy filing may be denied on the basis of timing if you do not have the right legal advice. If bankruptcy is in the cards for you, avoid making a mistake you could regret for a very long time.

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