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Loan Modification Scams

Mortgage Loan Modification Scams

“With the national foreclosure rate persistently high, many homeowners have turned to loan modification or foreclosure ‘rescue’ companies for help only to realize they’ve been scammed. Anyone can become a victim of a loan modification scam.”

If you are faced with burdensome debt and are looking for a loan modification, it is important to understand your rights, responsibilities and options. There are many predatory scam artists who will employ many different scams involving:

  • Phony counseling or foreclosure rescue scams
  • Fake “government” modification programs
  • Forensic loan audit
  • Mass joinder lawsuit
  • Bait and switch
  • Rent-to-own or leaseback scheme
  • Short sale scam

The fact is, there is almost never any shortcut to loan modification, and much of the time it can be challenging to obtain a favorable loan modification. More often than not, bankruptcy or other methods are more beneficial. That said, you should only trust an accountable, experienced and trusted attorney if you are looking for options for loan modification.

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Because our team has more than 35 years of combined experience, at Oliver & Legg, we will bring our experience to pursue whatever course of action that is most conducive to your long-term financial health. As we mentioned, bankruptcy is often the ideal move, but if there are alternatives, we will tailor our approach accordingly.

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