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Debt Consolidation and Adjustments

It’s Buyer Beware When It Comes to Debt Consolidation

It’s hard to ignore the ads on radio and television: pitchmen offering to settle your debt for pennies on the dollar. Few people realize that most of those advertising debt consolidation services in New Jersey are operating illegally.

Many people spend thousands of dollars on debt consolidation only to find themselves deeper in debt than when they started. At the law offices of Oliver & Legg, our lawyers offer a free consultation to evaluate your options if you are facing debt problems.

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When Is Debt Consolidation A Good Option?

Debt consolidation can be a good option if you have less than $3,000 in debt. If you have more debt, however, you should consider filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can discharge your unsecured debts (such as credit card bills, payday loans, medical bills and motor vehicle surcharges) in as little as four to five months. Debt consolidation can take five or six years.

In New Jersey, only a lawyer is allowed to advise you about your debt relief options. A lawyer also has a legal duty to serve your best interests which a debt consolidation service does not.

If debt consolidation is the best option for you, our lawyers will refer you to a nonprofit credit counselor who is approved by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. In New Jersey, it is a crime for anyone other than an attorney or a nonprofit credit counselor approved by the Department of Banking and Insurance to do debt consolidation per statutes NJS 2C:21-19 and 17:16G-2.

For More Information About Debt Consolidation

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