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Will Filing Bankruptcy Hurt My Career?

Will Filing Bankruptcy in New Jersey Hurt My Career?

The effect of a bankruptcy on one’s career is one of the most prevalent concerns for people considering their debt relief options. This is a question that deserves careful consideration before you make any decisions about filing bankruptcy. If you already have a bankruptcy in your past, there may be measures you can take that can minimize the effect on your career.

For most people, however, filing bankruptcy does not affect their career prospects. While a small number of employers do run credit checks on prospective employees, the vast majority do not. Before they run a credit check, they will need your permission. If they do, you may be able to overcome any concerns by simply telling them the truth about your financial situation. After all, in recent years, many people in New Jersey have gotten into financial difficulty through no fault of their own.

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What If You Are Asked About Your Bankruptcy?

Applicants for positions of fiduciary responsibility, such as money managers, accountants or banking positions, may be subjected to a credit check before getting hired. Our attorneys can advise you how to respond. If you are asked about your bankruptcy, the honest forthright approach can be quite beneficial — you had a financial problem and you took proactive steps to resolve it.

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