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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Surcharges and Municipal Traffic Fines

Get Rid of Vehicle Surcharges and Fines With Bankruptcy

New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicle surcharges and traffic fines are ways for the state to get money from those who can least afford to pay. If you fail to pay your motor vehicle violation fines and your license is revoked, excessive insurance surcharges may accumulate. These surcharges can be expensive and may be discharged in bankruptcy. After you file for bankruptcy, we may be able to help you get your license back, as well as avoid DMV surcharges and any wage garnishments.

At the law offices of Oliver & Legg, our lawyers can help you discharge those debts and regain control of your financial future. You can eliminate motor vehicle fines and surcharges. Call 732-988-1500 for a free bankruptcy consultation in Toms River or Neptune City.

What Fines and Surcharges Can Be Discharged?

Any municipal traffic court fines from speeding, to DUI, to driving without a license can be discharged by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In addition, all DMV surcharges (including the $3,000 surcharge for DUI) can be discharged.

Fines and surcharges are unsecured debts. All unsecured debts can be discharged by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Most unsecured debts can be discharged in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, but you may have to pay back a small percentage of the fine or surcharge over a three- to five-year period.

DUI Arrest and Bankruptcy

A drunk driving arrest can put anyone into a deep financial hole. In today’s economy, few people can afford the fines or vehicle surcharges that come with a conviction. Filing bankruptcy can be a way to get a fresh start.

More Information About Discharging Fines and Surcharges

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