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How to avoid the bad about credit cards, part 2

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Credit Card Debt

In our previous post, we began a list of tips for consumer to try to stick to so they can hopefully avoid stresses of credit card bills. There are enough unavoidable troubles in life such as illness and loss that it is important for consumers to take control of their financial well-being when and how they can.

The following tips continue just a simple list of a few ideal credit card habits. Everyone’s situation is unique and should be discussed with his or her own creditor, attorney or financial professional:

Liking a store doesn’t mean you’ll like its credit card

Maybe that Gap shirt you bought looks great on you. The credit line you opened when you bought it, however, might not be so great.

It is crucial to read the fine print of any credit card you open. Particularly with store cards, consumers are enticed into opening them because of immediate savings incentives. That thrill at the moment should not outweigh the potential future pitfalls of the possible interest rates of the store credit cards.

Treat credit accounts like you would your Facebook page

How often have you logged into Facebook in the past week? How often have you checked your credit card accounts? By making it a habit to know exactly what one’s credit card activity is, they can avoid getting too close to their limit, late payments and more.

You have options

Options is an important matter to contemplate in regards to credit cards. First, there are all types of card options through different banks. Research the options and choose a card that will better serve your best interests.

Options also come into play as far as negotiations are concerned. You might be able to negotiate a better interest rate with a lender and, therefore, save money when you are only able to make part of the total payments due.

Another important note in regards to options is that of debt relief. For some consumers, credit card debt can become too crippling to overcome. A bankruptcy lawyer can help those who are beyond the point of simply trying to keep up with minimum payments and who desperately need a fresh start.

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