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Chapter 13

What is debt collector mistreatment?

Dealing with debt collectors is not a fun experience for anyone. However, the debt collectors often feel bound by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which often limits how they can interact with the people they collect debts from. Unfortunately, not every...

Taking a look at Chapter 13 eligibility

When it comes to bankruptcy, you need to go over many different issues. For starters, you need to determine which type of bankruptcy suits your needs best. Everyone is in a unique position and it is essential to make sure you are eligible to file for a particular type...

Tips for moving forward after Chapter 13

Bankruptcy is a legal option that offers financial relief for New Jersey residents. If you have overwhelming debt, Chapter 13 provides a way to deal with it on your terms. Many people wait too long before taking action due to the effect bankruptcy has on their credit....


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