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Month: December 2016

Try new debt-reduction strategies in 2017

If your New Year's resolutions include resolving old debts, keep reading. According to the Federal Reserve, almost half of households in America can't pay off their credit card bills each month. The combined debt figure tops $800 billion owed to plastic accounts.That...

Don’t get rushed into foreclosure

Will this be your last holiday season you will spend in your home? Is foreclosure looming large and bearing down fast? If so, it's time to make some hard decisions.You might feel as if you no longer have a choice in the matter any longer, but quite often that's not...

5 misconceptions about bankruptcy

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "bankruptcy"? Perhaps you think that filing means all of your debts will be erased or that you will have to live without your car and house. Misconceptions about bankruptcy are common, so it is worth looking at a top few....

Plan your post-bankruptcy financial future

Many consumers who are struggling with debt hesitate to file for bankruptcy because they dread tanking their credit rating and not being able to buy a home, a new car or even open a credit card account in the future.It's a reality that needs to be weighed carefully,...


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