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Should you short sell your New Jersey home?

Homeowners in New Jersey have several options if they can no longer make mortgage payments. One such option, a short sale, allows you to sell your home for less than the balance of your mortgage. If you owe more than the market value of your property and struggle to...

Is bankruptcy right for you?

The cost of living seems to be rapidly outpacing the amount of income many Americans are earning each month. When expenses outweigh income, it can become time for you to make a serious decision about filing for bankruptcy. But is bankruptcy the right decision for you?...

New Jersey’s credit card debt averages soar

In January 2019, a report came out describing New Jersey as a state among those with the most credit card debt. Credit card debt can be crushing, especially for those who have lost a job or now have no way to pay back what they owe. Credit card debt is among the worst...


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