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Personal Bankruptcy

How does Chapter 13 bankruptcy work?

Job loss, a serious illness, divorce or another difficult life situation can force you to take out large amounts of debt. If you feel like there is no way out from the debt you accumulated, you may consider filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. According to the U.S. Courts,...

How can you avoid another bankruptcy?

Going through bankruptcy once can cause a ripple effect that lasts a number of years. Preventing another bankruptcy requires you to thoroughly assess what went wrong the first time so you can make changes right away. Knowing some strategies for managing your money can...

Bankruptcy filing show signs of rising

After leveling off after the disruptive years of 2020 and 2021, bankruptcy rates show signs of rising again. Several economic challenges point to possible trouble ahead for many consumers and commercial interests. A stalled economy often leads to more people seeking...

Is bankruptcy or debt relief better?

Finding yourself neck-high in past-due bills may result in climbing stress levels and sinking hope of getting back on solid financial footing. You may wonder if you should contact one of the many debt relief companies or declare bankruptcy. As the mail pile grows with...


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