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Month: November 2017

How to make headway on debt the smart way

Credit card debt is a rough topic for a lot of Americans. It's easy to get into -- especially if you hit a difficult financial patch and find yourself relying on credit cards for basic necessities.The average American family owes around $16,000 in credit debt -- which...

There are options to foreclosure

If you're unable to afford your mortgage payments on your home and considering foreclosure, you should know that there are other options that may be viable and preferable.Let's look at a few of those. Deed in lieu of foreclosureWith this option, the borrower and...

Student loan debt hardship for senior citizens

Student loan debt is far from trivial when it comes to affecting the current and future financial wherewithal of New Jersey residents. While many people think of young college students and new graduates as being subject to the plague of school debt, this is far from a...


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