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Your financial challenges do not mean having to live in fear

by | May 27, 2015 | Debt Relief

Imagine coming to work one morning, only to discover that you are being laid off. Or that you are crossing the street when negligent driver hits you in the crosswalk — and your next destination is the hospital, with medical bills that your budget simply cannot handle.

Before you know it, you may by necessity end up juggling your monthly bills because your suddenly changed circumstances demand it. That is when it occurs to you that you are falling further and further behind with every billing cycle. The longer this situation continues, the more you discover that even simple matters can become unpleasant:

  • Checking the mail? How many past-due notices will be waiting  for you today? How many threats to cut off service?
  • The telephone is ringing: you wonder whether it will be another call from the credit card company demanding payment of that past-due balance, or worse a collection agency on the other end of the line.

These circumstances can, and do, happen to good people whose only problem is to have a spate of bad fortune. People like you. Living under the pressure of mounting debt means living in fear. If you can’t escape, it eventually affects every part of your work and your personal life. Even the ones you care about the most at home can be adversely affected. Where can you turn to for help?

One solution may be to find a way to make a financial fresh start. Federal bankruptcy law can help to eliminate many consumer debts, including medical bills. You have questions about bankruptcy works, what its effects are, and whether there may be other courses of action available to you.

As a law firm that practices bankruptcy law, we at [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″] Jr. & Associates know the difficulties that our clients can face and the questions that they have. We help people who find themselves in financial difficulty, standing between them and the collection agencies and the foreclosure notices.

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