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Why hiring a bankruptcy attorney is a good idea

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Debt Relief

When you find your finances in shambles and can’t see any way out, you may be considering bankruptcy. Some of your friends and family may say you can do it by yourself, and they would technically be correct. But filing for bankruptcy on your own to find debt relief in New Jersey can prove to be a terrible mistake, one that can land you in a deeper hole than you were originally in. Rather, a bankruptcy attorney may be able to help in more ways than you would think.

First of all, an experienced attorney may be able to analyze your situation and advise you on the type of bankruptcy to file for. Chapter 7 liquidates assets to cover debts, while chapter 13 restructures your debt over a period of time. You may qualify for each, so knowing what to file is very important. In the same light, an attorney may be able to provide other options to consider before filing for bankruptcy.

If you have ever watched a TV show about lawyers, you’ve seen the stacks of paper laying around on desks. Typically, these shows are wrong; the piles are much higher. A lawyer has the expertise to fill out paperwork and keep your case on track.

Finally, hiring an attorney is hugely beneficial in court. Not only do they have experience handling cases in court, they may also know the judge. While this does not mean the judge will be lenient due to the affiliation, it does mean your attorney may know how to get on their good side. For instance, one lawyer may be fine with business casual attire, while another may require a suit and tie.

Having an experienced attorney by your side may be beneficial if you are considering filing for bankruptcy. For more information, please visit our firm’s debt relief page. 


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