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Credit card debt can easily become unmanageable

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Credit Card Debt

Many people pull out a credit card to pay for purchases without really thinking about the consequences that can come from that decision. It is possible to use credit responsibly, but it is also possible that something will happen that means you suddenly find yourself in debt too deep for you to come out of. One example of this is when you suddenly find yourself out of work and unable to keep up with payments that were once easy to make.

We realize that people fall into unmanageable credit card debt for a variety of reasons. We aren’t here to judge the reason why you are in financial trouble right now. Instead, we are here to review your situation and help you to determine what options you have for taking control of the situation again.

In some cases, the best option to handle credit card debt is filing for bankruptcy. This can help you to stop the collection attempts that might be making you avoid answering the phone or checking the mail. This is due to the automatic stay that goes into effect when you file the bankruptcy petition.

As you probably know, making only the minimum monthly payments means that you are going to rack up interest charges on the account. This can make credit card debt a difficult hole to climb out of. Instead of making your life miserable by trying to avoid collection attempts, you can take control of your finances by filing for bankruptcy. We can help you to determine if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 protection is the option that will meet your current financial goals.


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