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How are budgeting and chapter 13 linked?

by | Mar 24, 2019 | Personal Bankruptcy

If you’ve been granted chapter 13 bankruptcy in New Jersey, you probably know how important it is to keep current on your payment schedule. You may even create a budget for spending to ensure your creditors continue to be paid, and it can be difficult for many families to stick to the budget they create. To help you along, U.S. News & World Report offers the following advice.

Make a plan ASAP

Saving and spending less can be difficult to accomplish without a plan in place. Start by designating a certain amount of your income to put aside each paycheck. You can also automate a withdrawal into your savings account so the process will occur without a lot of thought on your part. This is a good way to get your budget jumpstarted when you lack motivation.

Create a goal for your budget

You can also boost motivation by creating a budget goal. When it comes to chapter 13, a good goal may be to pay off debt as early as possible. You might also want to create an emergency savings account or start putting money away for your retirement. Whatever the goal you decide on, it will be easier to stick with your budget if you’re looking towards the future at something greater.

Cut spending where you can

You need certain essentials to live. This includes food, shelter, clothing, and transportation to earn a living. All expenses falling outside these essential needs should be studied closely before you make a purchase. For instance, if you spend a lot of money eating out consider cooking more meals at home. You can also look for ways to cut costs on groceries by comparing prices or using coupons on items you purchase frequently. 


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