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Filing for bankruptcy? Try these options first

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Personal Bankruptcy

When you have too much month left at the end of your money, it’s time to do some serious belt-tightening. No one likes to lead a restricted lifestyle, but if you are unable to pay your bills, it’s necessary.

Below are some tips for cutting back on your budget.

Use coupons

This is a good way to economize when you shop. You’ll be amazed at the dollars and cents you can shave off of your grocery bill doing this.

Buy secondhand

Of course, some items can’t be purchased used, e.g., bathing suits and underwear, but there are plenty of nice, gently used items for sale in Goodwill and the more upscale consignment shops.

Cut the cord

In 2020, with all the streaming video options available for the fraction of the cost of a typical cable subscription, it’s no longer necessary to spend all that money.

Eat at home

Few people realize just how much they spend buying food at restaurants and drive-thrus. Plan your meals ahead and pack a lunch for work and see how much you save.

Quit buying coffee on the go

Pocket the money you save by preparing coffee at home and packing a thermos with you for the commute.

Cancel your gym membership

Get your exercise by running outdoors or check into a family membership at the local Y.

When it’s worse than you feared

Sometimes, making these small sacrifices will not be sufficient to dig yourself out of crippling debt. In those cases, you may need to go to the nuclear option and file for personal bankruptcy.


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